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Shamouti Island
A Pokémon fanfiction community
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Kisame Is hot
Title: Stone Heart
Rating: T
Warnings: Some minor mentions of adult themes later on. Spoilers for some Black and White plot points.
Genre: Friendship/adventure
Summary: It was a twist of fate that led Haru to Virizion. It was even moreso that she would begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Musketeer Quartet, and unite them once more.

It's unfinished atm, so feel free to read and review on ff.net. :)
29th-Oct-2011 03:50 pm - The Hunting of the Dratini
Me again, I feel like I should just keep posting my stories here.
The Hunting of the DratiniCollapse )
30th-Sep-2011 05:38 pm - The Shooting Star
Any Pokemon player worth their salt should recognise this story, or at least the base idea. The characters, plot, etc. were my own :)
The Shooting StarCollapse )
26th-Sep-2011 07:14 pm - A Coward's Victory
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand another one. These are coming so quickly because I had a whole bunch written on paper and I just had to type them up. Don't expect stories this fast in the future, especially with exams coming up :)

A Coward's VictoryCollapse )
25th-Sep-2011 11:45 am - The Busy Beedrill
I got some positive feedback, so now you're never going to get rid of me. I modelled this story after those folktales that explain how the camel got its hump or the giraffe its long neck. Of course, this is the Pokemon world, so there are endless possibilities for this kind of story. I hope you enjoy!

The Busy BeedrillCollapse )

24th-Sep-2011 08:25 am - Charmander's Tale
Hi, I'm new here and thought I'd post my first Pokemon fanfic. It's pretty short, and in a fairy tale style, so the conventional descriptions aren't really appropriate. I'm planning to write a whole bunch of these, so any feedback would be great, thanks :)

Charmander's TaleCollapse )
3rd-Jul-2011 12:03 am - White Cosmos [game, original]
tiny turtle pokemon
Title: White Cosmos
Rating: K+ (Kid friendly)
Warning: Mild coarse language, possible themes, SPOILERS for the Pokémon Black and White video game plots
Blanche, a perky, sable haired teenager who originates from Jubilife City of the Sinnoh region, knows her destiny is to traverse the many lands of the Pokéworld with her Pokécompanions. Now, her journey has brought her to the Unova region, where a strange group called Team Plasma have decided to liberate Pokemon and Blanche knows she needs to help the mysterious Pokemon Trainer White in whitewashing the troupe.

Find the story here.

If you do not have a Pokemon Fanfiction account, please just review my story here (:
6th-Aug-2010 12:04 am - Looking for an old story
Hi : D
I'm new in this community and I wanted to ask you if you remember this old pokemon story. I don't remember a lot, only that Gare had an accident while he was on a mission with Ash because they were something like secret agents. Gary is now on a wheelchair.

It may have been an AU or not, I can't remember. And I have also these scenes in my mind where Ash has to host Misty and protects her, and something about a virus and Jessie working for the organizations of bodyguards/secret agents of Ash... do you remember it? é-è
6th-Jun-2010 11:36 pm - fic: flight or fight (1/1) [game, johto, kanto, rated ma]
トトロ ☼ BIKE
Title: Flight or Fight
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings or Characters: Green/Red
Warnings: boy/boy sex
Word Count: 1550
Summary: Green finds him atop a mountain, still wearing short sleeves and sneakers despite the blizzard outside.
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