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Shamouti Island

A Pokémon fanfiction community

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Here, please feel free to post any Pokémon fanfiction! I only found one other fanfiction community specifically for Pokémon, and it had been inactive for about two years. Please read the rules before you decide to join.

I plan on keeping this community very active; I loiter on LJ all night and all day at work =D


I'd like to think I don't have to state these, but here we go:
1. Don't spam. Please. Just don't.
2. Please be civil. I won't moderate your comments as you post them, but I do have options set to moderate your posts.
3. Please tag your entries (or I will for you once I've passed them) using the community's set of tags. If there's one you feel you need to add, do so, and I'll sort it out later.
4. Put long posts behind a cut, please!


Why are you moderating all the posts?
Basically to make sure we stay on topic, and so that I can stop any conflict before it starts. Don't worry though - 99% of the time I'm going to let your post through.

Can I post unfinished bits of story?
Of course! Just tag it as "unfinished"!

How do I write this accented [e] you're so adamant about?
It is in the title of the fandom...well, if you're using a UK layout keyboard, hold [Alt Gr] while pressing [E]. For no apparent reason, the US keyboard layout doesn't seem to have this. Otherwise, hold [Alt] and type in [0233] on your number keypad (it doesn't work with the number above your letter keys).

Tags? Why are you so neurotic about tags?
I like to be organised, and it makes things easier for you in the long run.

So how do I use the tags?
Well, most of the time I only want you to tag the content rating. The rating system I'm using is from here. So just tag it "rated __" with the rating you think is suited. Please note that I've not actually signed us up to Fiction Ratings, I'm just using them as a guideline.
You can view the official tag page here, which contains descriptions of the tags if you're not sure ^^

Can I post theme/prompt-based fics?
Yes, you can! Go for it. If you like, give us a link to the theme/prompt community when you post, since some of us might be interested.

Any others? Email geeq_chiq@livejournal.com


geeq_chiq is currently your only staff member. Obviously, the community is new, and therefore not particularly big. If we become bigger, I'll consider taking on other staff members.



Are you the owner of a community that would like to become one? Email geeq_chiq@livejournal.com


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