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The First Pokemon 
11th-Nov-2011 04:50 pm

Long, long ago and deep in the mists of time, it is said that the world was populated by strange, primitive beasts, very unlike the powerful and intelligent Pokémon we know today. These creatures were mindless and without name, having no abilities beyond the ferocious use of tooth and claw. For many eons they ruled all the lands and seas and skies of the world.

But the world could not stay like this forever, and so from these savage creatures a new species arose. Although small and weak, they were blessed with the ability to think and understand, communicate and reason. They soon realised that, by hunting together, they could pull down prey which none could hope to catch alone, and protect each other from the vicious attacks of larger hunters. They formed a society, which was the first grass, and they called themselves Mew.

For many years, the grass of Mew endured, struggling to survive among the larger and fiercer beasts. Each generation, many young Mew would die – only the quickest and smartest could survive, and go on to have their own children. In this way, each generation of Mew was more intelligent than the last, for they were blessed by the great spirits. Over time, more and more of the Mew-kittens survived, and the grass began to swell in numbers, against all odds.

One day, many years after the forming of the first grass, a very strange Mew-kitten was born. He had very wide eyes that almost seemed to glow, as well as a larger head than any of his brethren. The Leader of the grass wished the infant killed, as so strange a child was obviously the work of evil spirits; but his parents instead hid him away in a cave, a little way from the grass. Every day they would bring him food, and watched him grow with surprise and interest. For, as the Mew-kitten grew older, he began to move stones and other objects around him without touching them with paw or tail, causing them to float through the air as if caught by the wind. This was so shocking to his parents that even they began to consider that their child was indeed possessed by an evil spirit, just as the Leader had warned. But neither could bring themselves to turn away from that mysterious Mew-kitten whom they had raised for so long.

One day, while the young Mew rested in his cavern, he began to hear cries from the direction of the grass. Immediately he became seized by a great fear for his parents’ lives; he began to run towards the grass, becoming so frantic that he lifted off the ground to glide through the air like a bird. But, swift as he was, the Mew arrived to find the grass half-destroyed, under attack by a pack of fearsome beasts. The bodies of his parents and many other Mew lay on the ground, with the beasts devouring them. A great sadness rose in his heart; but it was quickly replaced by anger, and the young Mew began to use his mystical powers to destroy the attackers. His abilities were far superior to their purely physical attacks, and in a short time the beasts were all killed or driven away.

Many Mew had been killed in the attack, but some still remained, and they freely accepted the strange newcomer into the grass, for they were very grateful for his protection. As the Mew grew up he fell in love with a female Mew of the same age; and when they had children, they were surprised to find that many of the Mew-kittens had the same large head and glowing eyes as their father! As generations passed, more and more inhabitants of the grass looked like he had, as well as showing the mysterious and powerful psychic powers that no other creatures then living could use. And so these Mew, descendents of that strange, shunned Mew-kitten, became the first Pokémon, from whom would follow all of the species we know today.

14th-Nov-2011 09:42 pm (UTC)
Very interesting idea! I like it. :D
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