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The Hunting of the Dratini 
29th-Oct-2011 03:50 pm
Me again, I feel like I should just keep posting my stories here.

Once upon a time, a young man from a tiny village went out hunting to feed his wife and son. He carried a spear, for in those days Pokémon and human did not work and play side by side, and the youth was wary of the strange powers that Pokémon sometimes showed. With this weapon in hand, he left the safety of his village and made his way across the open plains towards the nearby lake. Here, he knew, fat Slowpoke sometimes dwelled, and these sluggish creatures were an easy catch for the wily young man.

However, when he reached the lake, there were no Slowpoke in sight. The hunter began to search up and down along the edge of the water, but could find nothing. But just as he thought he would return home empty-handed, he stumbled across a new area of the lake, and there the young man spotted a long, thick shape in the water. With great enthusiasm, he flung his spear at the silhouette, pinning it as it thrashed in the water. When its throes stilled, the young man lifted the body from the water, and saw that it was a Dratini – he recognised it from one of his childhood stories. Pleased that he had provided for his family, the hunter returned home with his kill.

Later that evening, the young man’s wife spoke to him:

“Husband, this skin you have brought is so smooth and the meat is so tasty!” she said. “Even the gemstone from the Pokémon’s head is shiny and beautiful. If you were to catch more of these Dratini, I could make us the best clothing and jewelry in the village.”

And so, the young man returned to his new hunting ground the next day, and the next. His wife made Dratini-skin clothes and ornaments for them and their son, and very soon they were the envy of all the village. But no matter how many people asked where he had found this elusive Pokémon, the young man refused to tell them, for he knew that his secret hunting place was very valuable. Soon, the hunter had caught more Dratini than his family could use, so he began to sell the skins and gems to peddlers passing through the village.

As years passed, the wonderful Dratini-products began to attract the attention of wealthy merchants, and the tiny village grew into a bustling town. When the hunter, now an old and well-off man, came to die, he passed on the location of the secret hunting ground to his son, who carried on his father’s business. This tradition carried on over generations, and the descendents of that young man became the richest family in all the land. The town became a city, thriving off the many merchants and travellers who visited the area, hoping to buy, or just get a glimpse of the rare dragon Pokémon.

However, one day when the hunters went out to catch Dratini, there were none to be found. They searched high and low, up and down the sprawling lake, but in the end they went back empty-handed. From that day, no-one could find any Dratini, and the family business slowly died as they lost their only source of income. Many people left the city, until all that were left were the descendents of those who had originally lived in the tiny village, because they had known no other place in their lives.

Many years after the disappearance of the Dratini, another young man, descendent of that long-ago hunter, was wandering the plains with his companion Pokémon. He was not hunting, for over the years the people had come to understand the cruelty of hunting Pokémon, and instead befriended them, to work and play side by side. But as he came to the lake, what should he see but a Dratini, darting through the water! Although he had never seen one before, this young man recognised the Pokémon on sight, so ingrained it was in his family history. For many years the world had thought Dratini extinct, and unlike his ancestor, the youth realised that these magnificent Pokémon should be protected, not hunted for profit. And so he grew up to establish the Safari Zone, a place where all Pokémon – but especially Dratini – could be protected from hunters for all of their days.

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