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The Shooting Star 
30th-Sep-2011 05:38 pm
Any Pokemon player worth their salt should recognise this story, or at least the base idea. The characters, plot, etc. were my own :)

One evening, a grass of Pokémon was preparing to go to bed after a long summer’s day. The Pidgeys went to sleep first, then the Jigglypuff’s, and last of all the Spearows and Rattatas. But one small Jigglypuff, unable to drop off, suddenly spotted a light in the sky, a shooting star streaming down to earth. She nudged her parents awake and they watched together as the trail of light sped on and on through the night sky. Although it seemed to be getting closer, the clever Jigglypuff knew that, like all shooting stars, it would break up and fade away long before it hit the nearby mountain, known to the Pokémon as Flatmount for its characteristic plateau.

However, this time was different – a loud crash suddenly rang through the air, startling all the Pokémon into wakefulness. The grass became alive with the panicked cries of the surprised Pokémon, and it was several minutes until everyone was clam enough for the Jigglypuff family to explain what they had seen. After hearing this, a hotheaded young Spearow proposed that they investigate the mountain. Overriding the wishes of their elders, the younger Pokémon formed a party and immediately set out. Among them was that same young Jigglypuff who had originally spotted the shooting star – her parents had forbidden her to come, but she had snuck away, eager to see the fallen light.

The party made its way swiftly to the base of Flatmount, traveling on foot and wing. Then they entered the cave and made their way through, occasionally fighting off the advances of the mountain-Pokémon, who were disturbed by the sound and unhappy to see intruders in their cave. Finally, they reached the top floor of the mountain and stood on the wide plateau.

Or where the plateau had been, at least. For now there was a massive crater in the middle of it, which the Pokémon of the grass tentatively made their way towards. They crept to the lip of the crater and peered in, gasping as they saw a white boulder, that almost seemed to glow, and a number of small, pink Pokémon clustered around it. One of the strange Pokémon spotted them and came up the slope, stumbling as if unused to using her legs. When she reached the party, she spoke:

“Hello, I’m sorry that we damaged your mountain, but we are very lost. Would you mind telling us where we are?”

“You’re on Flatmount, obviously,” the Spearow snapped, taking leadership of the stunned party. “Who are you? Where do you come from? What do you want?”

The stranger, seeming more puzzled than offended by these harsh words, replied, “We are Clefairy and we came here by accident. We fell from our home, what we call Moon, when this rock broke off, and we landed here.”

This caused much confusion among the party, with none quite understanding how Pokémon could fall from the Moon, as it was so far away from them. However, the Spearow quickly cut through this uncertainty with a simple cry:

“Liar! They have come to attack us and take our land! We must attack now, or else they may never be stopped!”

Many Pokémon roared with agreement, and all suddenly began to advance on the terrified Clefairy. She tried to fly away, but she could not and tumbled down into the crater. The enraged party began to charge after her, ready to destroy this perceived threat to their grass.

Meanwhile the young Jigglypuff, unnoticed by the others, had been examining a small chunk of moon rock that had broken off the whole. While the other rocks seemed to glow, this one actually did, and as she held it the glow spread onto her hand, and throughout her whole body to the tips of her ears, causing her to cry out in shock.

The attacking Pokémon heard this cry, and turned to see the plateau aglow with white light, with the Jigglypuff at the centre. But she was a Jigglypuff no more – as they watched, she grew taller and her ears longer. The light faded, and suddenly they beheld a new Pokémon, one they had never seen before. The Wigglytuff raised her arms and voice:

“You must not harm the Clefairy! You know that no Jigglypuff has ever evolved, but I did by touching this rock! How could that happen, unless they were telling the truth?”

Anger forgotten, the Pokémon of the grass apologised and promised eternal friendship to those whom they had so greatly misjudged. The party returned to their grass to tell their tale, and it spread throughout the land like wildfire. And the story changed from grass to grass, but one fact remained: Flatmount, flat no more, was from that day forth called Mount Moon.

30th-Sep-2011 04:41 am (UTC) - Fridge logic
I had some brilliant fridge logic while writing this story - Clefairy have tiny wings because they came from the moon, where they were light enough to stay aloft. Earth has more gravity, so now they can't fly.
Don't think too hard about why the Clefairy aren't all Clefable, ok?
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