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A Coward's Victory 
26th-Sep-2011 07:14 pm
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand another one. These are coming so quickly because I had a whole bunch written on paper and I just had to type them up. Don't expect stories this fast in the future, especially with exams coming up :)

Once upon a time there was an area of long grass in which many Pokémon lived, ruled over by a wise Abra. For many years, this community was happy under his fair rule, but eventually some of the Pokémon began to be discontent.

“This grass is too small, and we are many,” they would say. “Please, Leader, lead us to war against our neighbours, so we can conquer more lands for ourselves!”

“No,” the Abra always replied. “This grass is suited to our needs, and war always causes more problems than it solves. We have long had peace with our neighbours, so let us not break it now.”

However, the younger and more volatile of the Pokémon did not listen to his wise words, and formed a faction which would argue for war at every opportunity. Foremost among them was a Pidgey, who was adept at stirring crowds with his fiery words.

“Our leader is a coward!” he would cry. “And in his weakness, he robs us of our chance to improve ourselves! He is no longer deserving of his title!”

One day, after hearing these words, the crowd roared in agreement and began to storm towards the Abra’s dwelling-place, the Pidgey at their head. When the Abra saw them, he cried, “What are you doing? Why are you all so angry?”

“Coward, we have come to depose you, so that we can go to war!” the crowd replied.

“Look!” yelled the Pidgey, “He is trying to flee! Somebody seize him!”

Several Pokémon advanced on the erstwhile leader, but they were not quick enough to seize him before he vanished. In this moment of confusion, the Pidgey fluttered onto the Leader’s Pedestal and called:

“All in favour of me becoming the new Leader, say ‘aye’!”

“Aye!” roared the crowd.

“Then let all able Pokémon make preparations for war! We shall march at first light tomorrow!”

“Hooray!” the crowd shouted, very pleased with their new Leader’s decisiveness.

And so, as dawn broke the next day, the Pokémon of the grass went forth to the grass of their nearest neighbours. The fighting was fierce, but the defenders were taken by surprise and so the grass was swiftly conquered. Leaving only a small force to hold the new territory, they marched on to the next grass, and the result was the same. However, the inhabitants of the third grass had heard of their neighbours’ fall, and had mustered their forces to hold back the invaders. These brave fighters were able to hinder the attackers’ momentum, finally bringing them to a standstill. Many casualties were taken on both sides, and the invaders began to tire and become war-weary. But still they fought on, eager to prove themselves to their new Leader, who inspired them all at the forefront of every skirmish.

This furious battle went on for several days, with neither side making any progress. However, the tide was finally turned when that fiery Pidgey, Leader of the grass, was struck down by the enemy. Without his presence, the Pokémon could not fight on – they were driven back to their grass, and forced to abandon all they had taken. But when they returned, defeated and without hope, they found those who had remained once more ruled over by that same wise Abra whom they had deposed. Both those too old and too young to fight were calm and safe and happy, untouched by the war their brethren had waged. And so the warriors pled the Abra’s forgiveness, for he had been right all along, and once more all the Pokémon of the grass were content under his reign – from that day forth, they never thought of war again.

27th-Sep-2011 02:41 am (UTC)
can I just say I love this one too????
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